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TMJ/TMD Therapy

Temporomandibular dysfunction or TMD includes a wide range of disorders that often overlap. They include muscle issues that affect jaw movement, facial pain around the jaw joint and a variety of other problems that can show up within the joint itself. This variety makes diagnosis and treatment challenging. An accurate diagnosis is critical for successful treatment. Drs. Dean and Tara Kois are experienced in the identification and treatment of TMD.

Most times if the problem is muscular or within the joint, it will get better over time. For this reason our Seattle dentists use conservative treatments first. But in some cases, surgery or other procedures, such as injections, may be recommended.

If you have a case of TMD, Drs Dean and Tara Kois may suggest the treatments listed below and may even use several in a combination. This is because patients may not find relief from using only one.

Sometimes, even with the use of these less invasive treatments, the TMD can continue to cause pain. Drs. Dean and Tara Kois have several advanced treatments available in the rare case of patients not seeing improvement through the non invasive treatments. These Advanced treatments have all been effective in treating chronic TMD.

For more information about TMD treatment and our other advanced dental care solutions, please contact Kois Dentistry to schedule your appointment.