Seattle Dentists Highlight Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants


The team at Kois Dentistry discusses the many advantages of dental implants compared to other teeth replacement options like dentures.   Seattle, WA—Tooth loss is a common problem that tends to occur with the aging process. Many people suffer from loose or missing teeth, especially as they get older, which can lead to additional issues […]

What Happens if a Missing Tooth Isn’t Replaced?

Losing a tooth can be stressful—whether it happens from decay, injury, or another cause. Your smile suddenly has a gap, and your mouth might feel very differently. On top of these initial concerns, your mouth will start to develop more serious problems if the missing tooth isn’t replaced. This is why our team at Kois […]

How Many Dental Implants Can Be Placed at One Time?

Replacing missing teeth is important to maintaining good oral health. Even one or two missing teeth can lead to serious problems down the road. If left untreated, gaps in your smile could lead to shifting teeth, a deteriorating jawbone and even gum disease. In this blog post, trusted Seattle dentist Dr. Dean Kois answers questions […]