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Do you want straighter teeth without having to endure years of wearing unattractive and uncomfortable metal braces? Invisalign® may be the answer for you. We offer Invisalign treatment in addition to our traditional orthodontic treatments. Invisalign teeth aligners are clear, removable trays made from a custom-fitted plastic that work to gradually and gently shift your teeth into alignment for a straight, healthy looking smile. These teeth aligners are virtually invisible, easy to remove for eating and cleaning and have the ability to straighten your teeth in less time than traditional metal braces.

Invisalign lets you keep showing your confident, metal-free smile to the world as the aligners work to gradually straighten your teeth — without anyone having to know. Enjoy a straighter smile in less time, and with no metal, using the advanced Invisalign orthodontic treatment at Kois Orthodontics.

What Can Invisalign Correct?

What are the Advantages of Invisalign Treatment?

I had Invisalign done with Dr. Brienne Roloff and it was a perfect experience from beginning to end. She is a perfectionist who and was attentive and professional from the initial consultation through to post-treatment. I’ve had orthodontic work done before and it can be a confusing and daunting process but Dr. Roloff provided confident and reassuring guidance the whole way. My situation was particularly tricky because of dental work that needed to be performed simultaneously and Dr. Roloff coordinated with my dentist to ensure everything went smoothly. It was a completely stress-free experience for me and I can’t recommend her enough!

Owen Han

October 17, 2018


What to Expect from Invisalign Treatment

An Invisalign orthodontic treatment at Kois Orthodontics will begin with Dr. Brienne Roloff creating custom-made aligners to fit your teeth. Dr. Brie uses a state-of-the-art scanning system that replaces messy and often uncomfortable impressions. Along with oral images and x-rays, this allows Invisalign to create your personalized set of aligners for your treatment.

Once you receive your custom-made aligners, it is important that you wear them most of the day and night of your treatment, removing them only when eating, cleaning or brushing and flossing. Invisalign aligners are discreet and easy to remove and put in, and patients often report that they barely notice they are wearing them.

You will be given a new set of aligners to wear approximately every four to six weeks; these aligners will work to gradually shift your teeth into place over the course of your treatment, with the final result being a beautiful, straight smile. The typical Invisalign patient completes treatment in 12 to 18 months, depending on the severity of crowding.

Will the treatment be painful?

Invisalign tends to cause much less discomfort than traditional bracket braces. Each time a patient changes to a new aligner, there may be some temporary discomfort as teeth are moved into their new position. This is normal and is a good sign that the aligners are working.

A Straighter Smile Can Start Today with Invisalign

Are you wondering if you’re a candidate for Invisalign? Find out more about this advanced teeth straightening treatment and how it can help you to achieve the beautiful, straight smile you have always wanted. Call us today for more information!