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Is There a Way to Straighten Teeth Without Braces?

People often assume that the only way to fix crooked and misaligned teeth is with braces. However, the idea of having bold metal brackets distracting from a person’s smile can be unappealing. This is a common reason why many individuals try to find alternative ways to straighten their teeth. Luckily, our skilled team at Kois Dentistry offers two options that can be substituted for braces. Good candidates can choose between porcelain veneers or Invisalign® to help enhance their smile and self-confidence.

Porcelain Veneers

If you are looking to straighten your smile and make a lasting positive impression, then porcelain dental veneers can be the ideal option for you. Veneers are thin shells of durable porcelain that bond directly to the outer surface of the teeth to mask imperfections such as misalignment and gaps. Our experienced dentists customize the veneers to fit a single tooth or multiple teeth depending on your cosmetic goals. The process generally takes up to two office visits and the results can last many years, even decades, with good maintenance.


Just how the name suggests, the Invisalign® teeth aligners are virtually invisible in the mouth. They are custom-made to feel comfortable and gradually straighten your teeth for a gorgeous smile. This can be an effective solution for many people who suffer from teeth gaps or crooked teeth. Patients typically see the final results of their teeth straightening within a year. Invisalign® can be difficult to see in the mouth, so no one even has to know you have them in!

Individuals who want to straighten their teeth without traditional braces should consider these two alternative options. Our team at Kois Dentistry will be happy to discuss more about the best braces substitute for you. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.