Conquering Dental Fear


Finding professionals that take your trust seriously is the first step towards overcoming dental fear.

Unfortunately, many stories drift around about bad dental experiences and uncaring dentists. In fact, that may be the only story you know from your own difficult experience. We know that helping you step out of that story and into a new beginning is critical to your future dental health. The simple commitment to genuine, empathetic listening at Kois Dentistry is a foundation we believe in. No belittling, blaming, or doubting...just empathy. Without the vital trust component, none of the other techniques available will be very useful, or create meaningful change. A brick building rises with one brick placed at a time, and we’re willing to build trust with you one positive experience at a time. Establishing a gameplan that feels right to you is a critical step in the trust­building process.

During the initial discovery process, Dr. Dean and Tara Kois can discuss valuable ways to help you through a treatment appointment.

Some patients benefit from the careful use of mild sedation, which may include calming medications taken just before an appointment. Many patients are familiar with “laughing gas,” or nitrous oxide which can be breathed in and out to create a relaxed feeling that is easily reversed at the end of the appointment. A higher level of dental fear may be settled by the combination of medications tailored to your needs and health history. If you need sedation to complete treatment, be sure to make our team aware of your concerns.

Sometimes overcoming dental fear can be as simple as your favorite music flowing through headphones during treatment. Or maybe scheduling your appointment at a specific time of day fits your comfort level best. Whether overcoming anxiety enough to the seek the treatment you need involves medications or music, the key is to find a plan that works for you. That’s why Dr. Dean and Tara Kois and their team look forward to listening to your concerns and designing care that’s customized for you in every way.

Could Your Child Be Going Back to School with Bad Breath?


Often we think bad breath – clinically referred to as halitosis – as something that only afflicts adults who never brush their teeth or consume copious amounts coffee and cigarettes. Truth is, bad breath can happen to anyone of any age, even those who brush every day. 

Bad breath has just as much to do with what we put into our mouths as how often we brush it. But the unsavory goes beyond the obvious offenders like garlic and onions. Sugar and starch can create a bad-breath brew, too. Could you be packing bad-breath lunches for your child?

Find out how to keep your child’s mouth fresh and cavity free throughout the school day…

Tooth Loss - Dental Devastation

Missing teeth can rage devastation through your entire mouth. No matter if your tooth received a TKO or it met its demise due to dental complications, losing just one tooth can affect your entire smile -inspiring teeth to shift and bone to degrade. Losing many teeth can set in motion wide spread bone loss which will eventually alter the shape of your face, and hinder your ability to chew and speak. Dental devastation.
Replacing missing teeth is crucial to the life of your smile.

How do missing teeth lead to loss of bone and a crooked smile?

Investing in Your Smile is Investing in Your Life

A great pair of shoes or nice suit can get you noticed, but a gorgeous smile can get results…and you can wear it to the beach. It’s the most valuable accessory you can have and here’s why:
We all have a little bias in us whether we want to admit it or not – and studies have shown this to be true, especially when it comes to a healthy appearance and great teeth. There’s a little phenomenon known as the “halo effect”. No, it doesn’t mean you’re an angel. It’s a cognitive bias, and in relation to appearances, it means that humans perceive “attractive” people as healthier, more intelligent, and having better social attributes. It doesn’t mean it’s true; it’s just an unconscious perception that dates back to our caveman days. 
And healthy-looking, spectacular teeth play an enormous roll in that perception. People with a great smile have been shown to get better, higher paying jobs, and more social opportunities. The reality is: good teeth are not only the key to improving your smile and confidence, but your potential as well. Investing in your teeth is investing in your life.

Do you want to learn more about unlocking doors with a stunning smile?

The White Stuff - Dentist vs. Do-It-Yourself Whitening

Just because you have the tools to do something yourself, doesn’t always mean you should. Things can go wrong, and they do. You probably know – or have seen - someone who has had an unfortunate interlude with boxed hair coloring. They look more like they lost a bet rather than made an innocent attempt at covering the gray. And, if you’re not careful, self-whitening can leave you looking like you’ve woken on the wrong side of a bet, too. 
There’s far more to teeth whitening than just a timer and gel. If not done properly, there can be pain and permanent discoloration – and you can’t grow back your teeth in two weeks like a lemon shark. But your dentist has the expertise and professional-grade products to ensure your whitening is pain-free with a smile as smooth and bright as new porcelain.

So, what can go wrong when taking on whitening yourself?


Tooth Replacement - An Act of Prevention


Most people recognize the need to fill a cavity – cavities lead to infection, infection leads to root canals or tooth loss. Simple. But the importance of replacing lost teeth is often not realized - losing just one tooth can lead to losing more teeth.

For many, especially for those on a tight budget, replacing teeth that can’t be seen is viewed as a vain extravagance, or just down right unnecessary. Yet, losing just one tooth can lead to bone loss…which can lead to more tooth loss. Replacing teeth with dental implants has substantial benefits. Even implant-supported dentures have an advantage over regular dentures.

So, why is tooth replacement with implants less about smile vanity and more about a healthy smile?

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