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Smile Design & Makeover

A smile makeover, also referred to as a smile design, is a personalized treatment plan that includes two or more cosmetic dental procedures to enhance the overall appearance of one’s smile. Our cosmetic dentists at Kois Dentistry customize this plan based on the individual needs of each patient, utilizing effective treatment options such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and laser gum recontouring to create a beautiful transformation.

What Concerns Can a Smile Makeover Address?

The specific components of your smile makeover will ultimately depend upon your unique needs and concerns. Common issues that can often be corrected with a smile makeover include the following:

Our team is committed to helping you achieve your dream smile. During your initial appointment, your cosmetic dentist will determine the most appropriate treatment options that can improve the cosmetic issues you would like to address.

What Are My Smile Makeover Options?

If you are unhappy with the look of your teeth, several cosmetic treatment options are available to help you achieve the brighter and more balanced smile appearance you desire. Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, our cosmetic dentists may include one or more of the following solutions:

Once you have undergone a smile evaluation, our dentists will explain the recommended treatment options in detail to ensure you are informed about what your smile makeover will involve.

What Is the Smile Design Process Like?

To begin the smile design process, your dentist will listen to the specific concerns you have and perform a thorough evaluation of your mouth. Depending on your needs, 3D images may be taken to allow for a more in-depth look at the condition of your mouth. With our advanced intraoral scanning technology, you can view images of your teeth to better visualize why certain treatments may be recommended as part of your smile makeover. Once this analysis is complete and your custom plan has been created, more details about what you can expect from the process will be explained to you.

Our dentists are highly skilled and experienced in a variety of cosmetic and restorative treatments. They strive to help you realize your aesthetic goals by delivering top-quality dental care. During the smile design process, you can expect to be informed at every step of the way, helping you not only feel confident you are in good hands, but excited about your final results! Based on the components of your smile makeover, you may need to schedule multiple appointments to complete your treatments.

How Much Does a Smile Design & Makeover Cost?

The cost of the smile design process can vary greatly from patient to patient, depending on which treatments are selected. In addition, the expertise of your dentist and geographic location of the practice both factor into the final cost. Once your smile makeover plan has been finalized, our team will provide you with a personalized cost quote to help you budget for your procedure. Most patients report that the results they were able to achieve from their smile makeover has enhanced their overall quality of life, making it a worthwhile investment in their total well-being.