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Restoring Gum and Bone Health with Grafts

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Gum Grafting to Strengthen Your Smile

When you have missing teeth, the bone that surrounded your teeth is prone to damage or being resorbed. Bone grafting is the process that grows back lost bone structure. This can be accomplished several ways depending on your specific issues. If we determine your gums are receding, you may need a gum graft. A gum graft in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA is a simple surgical procedure that helps restore your gum health and vitality. After the bone graft heals, dental implants are considered the gold standard solution for replacing missing teeth. Maintaining healthy gums is crucial to your overall oral health. Regular dental appointments can ensure that gum recession is detected and addressed before a graft becomes necessary.

A gum graft in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA is a simple surgical procedure that helps restore your gum health and vitality.

When Gum Grafts Are Necessary

Every person has different thickness and width gum tissue around their teeth. Some patients have thin gums that naturally recede faster than others, even with years of proper oral hygiene. Receding gums are also a common symptom of periodontal disease and the result of an infection caused by bacteria released from plaque and tartar buildup. In all instances of gum recession, the bone recedes along with your gums. The structural loss and weakened support from tissues can eventually lead to loose teeth and even tooth loss. Before this occurs, we encourage you to seek expert and specialized gum graft surgery in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA.

Prosthodontist Dr. Dean Kois performing laser periodontal treatment on african-american woman.

The Lasting Benefits of Gum Grafting

Prosthodontist Dr. Dean Kois configuring a Biolase Waterlase laser before periodontal treatment.

Specialized Care with Lasting Results

Seeking the expertise of a trained and highly skilled specialist helps ensure excellent outcomes. The Kois team has the knowledge to determine which option is best for your situation and skills to deliver the most optimal results. Our cosmetic dentists Dr. Dean E. Kois and Dr. Tara L. Kois utilize various soft tissue grafting techniques and minimally invasive treatment to restore the health, function, and natural aesthetics to your smile. They’ll also discuss contributing factors for your receding gums to help prevent unnecessary tissue or bone loss in the future.

The gum grafting process involves removing a portion of tissue from another area of your mouth (sometimes grafts from a tissue bank are used instead) and using it to cover the exposed tooth roots and thinning gums. Recovery after gum grafting is relatively fast, with minor discomfort controlled with over-the-counter medication. Once healed, the thickened and strong tissue provides excellent root coverage and greater resilience to recession.

Treat gum recession as soon as possible to protect your smile!

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