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Transformative Dentistry for Perfect Smiles

Has it been too long since you wore your smile with pride? Are you growing too comfortable with a limited, soft food diet? If you’re experiencing physical and or emotional discomfort caused by failing or missing teeth, Kois Dentistry is dedicated to providing the relief you seek. We understand that a missing smile can cause many negative repercussions. Let us put an end to painful and discouraging symptoms with full mouth restorative solutions that perfectly fit your facial features and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for dentures or full mouth dental implants in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA, the respected interdisciplinary team at Kois Dentistry will create a personalized treatment plan to fit your needs and budget. We’re confident in our abilities to provide you with an outcome that truly transforms your life by improving your function, health, and self-image.

Let us put an end to painful and discouraging symptoms with full mouth restorative solutions that perfectly fit your facial features and lifestyle.

Understanding Possible Solutions

We’re pleased to offer a variety of tooth replacement solutions for your failing or missing teeth, including traditional dentures, implant supported dentures, and fixed full mouth dental implants. Dentures are traditionally the most affordable option, although they aren’t a long-term solution and lack natural functionality. Implant supported dentures attached to dental implants provide greater stability and function. Full mouth dental implants in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA permanently replace all your failing or missing teeth with a beautiful fixed bridge of teeth attached to four or more dental implants.

Although dentures are a more affordable and quick option, thanks to innovative technology and the mastery of our doctors, you can benefit from healthier and more permanent solutions! We use advanced implant protocols from Straumann, Nobel, and Neodent. Our interdisciplinary dental team has many years of training and experience placing and restoring full arch dental implants in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA.

full dentures

Traditional Dentures

implant supported dentures model

Implant Supported Dentures

Model of full arch all-on-4 prosthesis attached with 4 dental implants.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Our Efficient Process

Step 1: Consultation

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Once you’ve decided to restore your smile, Dr. Dean Kois will provide an expert first or second opinion when you schedule a personalized consultation. During your first visit, Dr. Kois will discuss your smile goals, provide clinical recommendations, perform diagnostic imaging to determine the best placement for your implants, and offer a sneak preview of your expected outcome with smile simulation technology. This preview helps our team create the dream smile you’ve long desired! You’ll walk out with a clear understanding of all the steps involved in your smile journey, including the cost of care and other information specific to your unique smile rehabilitation.

Step 2: Implant Placement

Prosthodontist Dr. Dean Kois in scrubs performing a dental implant procedure.

This procedure involves Dr. Kois making a small incision in your gums and placing the required number of implants underneath your gums in preplanned sites in your jaw bone. If you don’t have sufficient jaw bone volume to support an implant, Dr. Kois may use a bone graft to strengthen the site(s). Kois Dentistry offers fully guided surgery when placing implants, leveraging leading technology that ensures precise and predictable placement. During this visit, you’ll also receive a temporary set of teeth that look and feel natural.

Step 3: Restoration

Before After
Before After

It takes a few months for dental implants to fuse with your jaw and the sites to completely heal. Once this process is complete, you’ll return to our office to receive your final restoration created from zirconia. This high-quality and durable material offers superior strength and aesthetics, resists stains and fractures, is wear-resistant, and looks and feels like your natural teeth. Dr. Kois will ensure the fit and finish are perfectly designed to complement your unique facial features. You’ll walk out of our practice with a restored sense of self, the ability to eat all the foods you love, and the overwhelming desire to smile all the time!

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Dream Smiles are Achievable

Although they come with a higher upfront cost, full mouth dental implants are a cost-effective treatment compared to other tooth replacement options. This investment pays invaluable dividends when you consider full arch dental implants provide decades or even a lifetime of oral health and happiness, with proper care. And we stand behind our top-quality full mouth dental implants, offering 10-year warranties as long as you follow our maintenance guidelines! The specific cost varies based on necessary preliminary treatments and your customized treatment plan. We’re committed to helping you value your smile again. Our financial coordinator can help make this life-changing procedure a dream come true by setting you up with our in-house lending program or third-party financing.

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