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When you chew and bite, the force exerted by your teeth keeps your jawbones strong and healthy. After a tooth is extracted or falls out, the bone around the empty tooth socket starts shrinking and continues until it’s completely reabsorbed. This can lead to functional oral health issues such as shifting of surrounding teeth, an increased risk of decay and gum disease, and difficulties eating some foods. If you have missing teeth, you may also be experiencing a diminished quality of life and low self-esteem because you’re too embarrassed to smile. In patients with bone loss, bone grafting is often required before receiving tooth replacement options such as full mouth dental implants. Advancements in dental technology coupled with vast expertise enables our prosthodontist Dr. Dean E. Kois to offer groundbreaking All-on-4® dental implants in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA. This protocol usually eliminates the need for a second surgery to place bone grafts, thereby reducing treatment time and overall cost while maximizing aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Advancements in dental technology coupled with vast expertise enables our prosthodontist Dr. Dean E. Kois to offer groundbreaking All-on-4® dental implants in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA.

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The Importance of Choosing a Skilled Implant Dentist

If you’re seeking a practice with vast expertise placing All-on-4 dental implants in Seattle-South Lake Union, WA look no further! Dr. Kois has completed many years of advanced training after dental school in prosthodontics and surgical implant surgery. He specializes in the management of oral health issues that involve restoring missing teeth and jaw structures. As such, he has many years of experience designing and surgically placing implant-supported dentures to replace entire arches of missing or failing teeth. If you have inadequate jawbone density or suffer from a condition that impedes your ability to heal, this puts you at a greater risk of implant failure. Dr. Kois takes the time to thoroughly assess whether this implant-supported denture protocol is ideal for you or if an alternative option is more appropriate.

The Benefits of the All-on-4 Procedure

If we determine that you’re a suitable candidate for All-on-4 dental implants, you’ll never have to worry again about common issues associated with dentures, such as teeth falling out, clicking, slipping, or removing them at night for cleaning! We use implants from Nobel Biocare because their All-on-4 implant solutions have a long and proven track record blending quality, reliability, and durability. Other benefits of All-on-4 include:

The Three Phases of Our All-on-4 Process

Phase One: Consultation and Planning

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The All-on-4 procedure is customized down to the finest details. Once it’s determined that you’re a prime candidate, Dr. Kois creates a meticulous treatment plan that ensures your surgery will be performed with the utmost precision. If any preliminary work is needed, such as a tooth extraction, this is completed before the implants are placed. At this appointment, we use CBCT technology to take 3D x-rays of your mouth. The 3D images provide Dr. Kois with an in-depth look at the bony structures of your mouth, which is essential for virtually planning the most optimal placement for your implants. We also utilize smile simulation technology to provide you with a sneak-peak at what your new smile will look like once you receive implant-supported dentures.

Phase Two: Guided Implant Surgery

Model of a lower arch with a full mouth dental implant guide on top.

At Kois Dentistry, we use the All-on-4 protocol for upper arch replacement, lower arch replacement, or full mouth restoration. This treatment concept relies on strategically placing a minimum of four implants in your jawbone at specific locations and angles. We can adapt the protocol and use more than four implants for greater stability, depending on your case. Once we’ve placed your dental implants, you’ll be provided with a temporary bridge of teeth fabricated from a biocompatible material called PMMA that functions fully and looks natural.

Phase Three: Final Restoration

Before After
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Typically, it takes four to six months for your treatment site to heal after surgery. During this time, dental implants integrate with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. Once they fuse, dental implants function like natural tooth roots, providing a secure permanent support for your new fixed teeth. The final stage of the process is fitting you with a beautiful, custom-made arch of upper, lower or both arches created from top-quality zirconia. Milled from a solid block for superior durability, zirconia is the strongest and most natural-looking material in implant dentistry.

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We’ll help you determine ahead of time your estimated out-of-pocket costs, file insurance claims on your behalf, and help you maximize your policy benefits. To ensure all our patients can take advantage of life-changing All-on-4 dental implants, we offer third-party dental financing as well as in-house financing.

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