Four Tips For Alleviating Dental Fear


When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people across all age ranges experience some degree of fear or nervousness. Indeed, this common affliction, sometimes called dentophobia, is estimated to impact nearly a third of all Americans. In some cases, the fear associated with dentophobia impacts people so strongly that they choose to avoid seeking […]

Dental Fear…Where Does It Come From?

Fear. Ingrained in our DNA there’s a protective mechanism that helps us avoid danger. It’s essential to the survival of the human race. Our ancient relatives wouldn’t be part of our family tree if they hadn’t operated with a solid dose of fear. But sometimes fear keeps us from healthy situations…like dental care. Rational or […]

Dental Sedation Making Treatment Possible

IF YOU’RE ANXIOUS BEFORE DENTAL TREATMENT, YOU’RE KEEPING VERY GOOD COMPANY. A number of anxiety ­reducing strategies are used by Dr. Dean and Tara Kois, but sometimes the only option that fits is the use of sedative medications. Fortunately, a number of possibilities exist in modern dentistry for every aspect of your experience.   NOT […]

Conquering Dental Fear

Finding professionals that take your trust seriously is the first step towards overcoming dental fear. Unfortunately, many stories drift around about bad dental experiences and uncaring dentists. In fact, that may be the only story you know from your own difficult experience. We know that helping you step out of that story and into a […]