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What Sets Us Apart

At Kois Orthodontics, treatment goes beyond straightening one’s teeth. Private rooms at every appointment, customized solutions, detailed explanations, one-on-one care, and uncompromised evidence-based treatment—Dr. Brienne Roloff has created an office that is fully customized to each patient. Since orthodontic treatment is a committed partnership between the doctor and patient, her mission is to provide each patient with the information they need to understand the orthodontic process in making a fully informed decision for their care. Even after one visit, it is obvious how her attention to detail and thoroughness will carry through every visit. She believes the best orthodontic care takes into account the bigger picture of how teeth positioning affects a patient’s long-term dental health, overall wellness, and self-esteem. Whether it is tooth alignment, bite problems, or another concern, Dr. Roloff is committed to improving overall well-being by addressing both the functional and aesthetic aspects of a patient’s smile. As a scientific advisor for the Kois Center, highly experienced clinician, and skilled orthodontist, Dr. Roloff consults and helps educate other dentists from around the world. Her extensive background allows coordinated efforts between patients and their dentists to seamlessly establish a comprehensive treatment plan that corrects current problems and helps prevent future issues.

Whether a patient is local to the Seattle area, traveling from another area of the U.S., or flying from outside the country, this is what sets Kois Orthodontics and Dr. Roloff apart from other practices.

If you have any questions or would like to learn how you can improve your health through orthodontic treatment, please contact us to get started with an oral evaluation.

Personal Approach to Orthodontic Care

Dr. Roloff will work closely with you throughout the course of your treatment, focusing on your needs and carefully planning the most beneficial orthodontic solutions. During your one-on-one visits, you will ALWAYS be cared for in a private operatory. Unlike traditional orthodontic offices, this concierge service provides a comfortable space to yourself, where Dr. Roloff will manage your orthodontic concerns and monitor your progress. She strives to make your orthodontic journey as pleasant as possible, while ensuring you receive the top-quality care you deserve.

Focus on Total Wellness

Every patient case is approached with the belief that orthodontic treatment goes beyond just the teeth. Dr. Roloff cares for each patient with an understanding of how their orthodontic needs are related to their total wellness. From restorative and periodontal needs, to more advanced health concerns like sleep apnea, Dr. Roloff takes into account the role that orthodontic treatments play in helping both child and adult patients improve their current health and prevent future problems from developing. She takes an interdisciplinary approach when needed, to ensure any other dental work or medical concerns are incorporated into the patient’s comprehensive treatment plan.

Evidence-Based Process with Risk Assessment

All orthodontic care provided by Dr. Roloff is evidence- and risk-based. She only offers the safest, most effective orthodontic techniques for her patients, and all treatment options are assessed based on their degree of risk. This calculated evaluation system allows Dr. Roloff to determine the best possible form of treatment and understand whether orthodontics will help reduce the risk for future dental concerns, such as tooth wear, gum and bone problems, and muscle and jaw pain.

Advanced Orthodontic Technology

By utilizing modern orthodontic technologies, Dr. Roloff is able to enhance multiple areas of a patient’s care. This includes improving patient comfort, offering more efficient treatment processes, and ensuring the utmost precision with orthodontic planning. As part of her mission to provide this personalized and uncompromised care, Dr. Roloff employs advanced systems such as digital scanning/impressions, digital treatment planning, digital smile design, CBCT 3-dimensional imaging, accelerated orthodontic appliances, temporary anchorage devices (TADs), and more.

Viewed as an Authority in Orthodontics

In addition to providing state-of-the-art treatment for her patients at Kois Orthodontics, Dr. Roloff is consulted by other doctors from around the U.S. and internationally, due to her affiliation with the Kois Center. As a Kois-recognized specialist and Scientific Advisor for Orthodontics at the Kois Center, she is knowledgeable about comprehensive orthodontics and its connection to restorative and advanced care solutions. Due to her expertise, Dr. Roloff helps educate other dental professionals to provide the most optimal care to their patients.