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Complete and Partial Dentures

While we believe your natural teeth offer the best overall look and feel, our team at Kois Dentistry provides incredibly lifelike options for those needing a replacement. In some cases, dentures are the most appropriate option for patients. Dr. Dean E. Kois creates custom-made dentures for patients with several or all of their natural teeth missing. Using his extensive training and years of experience in restorative dentistry, along with the latest dental technology available, Dr. Kois designs comfortable and natural-looking dentures. These dentures fit securely to ensure they do not shift out of place or negatively affect your ability to speak or chew. Due to the high-quality materials he uses, you can enjoy durable, long-lasting results that help you live life to its fullest — smiling, laughing, and eating included — without interruption.

When Might Dentures Be Needed?

Dentures, whether full or partial, are typically recommended for patients who require more extensive treatment for the replacement of most or all missing teeth. Dr. Kois may recommend dentures when:

What Are Your Denture Options at Kois Dentistry?

Full Dentures

If you need all your natural teeth replaced, a full set of dentures may be recommended. This entails a new set of teeth for both the upper and lower arches, mounted on a foundation that mimics the look of your natural gums.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture, also known as a removable bridge, is ideal for those needing to replace only a portion of their teeth in either arch. The set of artificial teeth are made to rest securely between the adjacent teeth to ensure a comfortable fit.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dr. Kois offers the option of implant-supported dentures to replace a portion of missing teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw. Implant-supported dentures, also called “overdentures,” consist of a partial denture that is fixed in the mouth through the placement of dental implants, which are placed on adjacent teeth and provide support for the denture.

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What to Expect During the Denture Placement Process

The denture placement process, whether for full or partial dentures, usually requires a series of visits in order to achieve just the right fit for a comfortable, balanced bite. For the placement of a full set of dentures, Dr. Kois starts this process by removing the remaining natural teeth still in the mouth. Following this extraction, the gums will need time to heal before permanent dentures can be worn; healing may take weeks or even months, depending on the amount of teeth extracted. As your gums continue to heal and your custom permanent dentures are being made, immediate dentures are worn. Immediate partial dentures are also worn while permanent partial dentures are being made.

To create custom-fitting full or partial dentures, Dr. Kois will first make an impression of your bite; he will send this along with information about the shape and color of your natural teeth to the dental lab to make your dentures. Once your permanent dentures are made, you will come into the office to check for a proper fit. Adjustments are made as needed to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

How Should I Clean My Dentures?

We will give you detailed instructions for cleaning and storing your dentures. Dentures should be carefully brushed with a special toothpaste, rinsed and stored in a water-based cleaning solution overnight.

How Long Will Dentures Last?

As long as you care for them properly, dentures should last between five and seven years. You should see our dentists at least yearly so we can check your dentures for any signs of problems.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The cost of dentures will vary for each patient based on the details of their treatment plan. Common factors that can affect this cost include whether a partial or full denture is being created, if extractions are needed beforehand, and if the dentures are fabricated at a laboratory. Most dental insurance providers cover a portion of the total denture cost, due to it being one of the most conservative teeth replacement options. However, you will need to check with your provider to learn the details of your coverage. Our team will provide you with a detailed cost quote to help you understand the fees associated with your total cost.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

Will My Dentures Feel Comfortable in My Mouth?

If you’ve never worn dentures, there is a slight adjustment period in the beginning. You might find that you are producing more saliva than normal, your dentures feel a bit too big or you experience other minor irritations.

As the muscles and tissues in your mouth acclimate to the dentures, the appliance should start to feel more natural and comfortable. It usually takes about two weeks to completely adjust to wearing dentures.

Will Dentures Affect My Speech?

When you first start wearing dentures, your speech might sound a little different, but it should return to normal with time. We recommend our patients read aloud to themselves to help restore normal speech.

Will I Be Able to Enjoy My Favorite Foods with Dentures?

Yes, you should be able to enjoy your normal diet and favorite foods while wearing dentures. One of the only restrictions is gum, because it sticks to the plastic in the denture appliance and causes complications.

When you first receive your dentures, try to eat soft foods that don’t require a lot of chewing. This can help you adjust to wearing and eating with dentures.

Will My Dentures Look Natural?

Yes, your dentures will be created based on your specifications and preferences. The materials used are of the highest quality to closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth and gums. Skilled technicians construct the appliances and can make any adjustments as requested.

Should I Sleep in My Dentures?

Technically there is no reason that you cannot sleep in dentures, but it is not recommended that you wear them 24 hours a day. You need to remove them at some point during the day to clean them. We can discuss what is right for you and your lifestyle during your consultation.

Can I Whiten My Dentures?

No, dentures do not respond to teeth whitening treatment like natural teeth, and should not be bleached. If your dentures develop stains or discoloration, we can help treat it.

Will Partial Dentures Match My Natural Teeth?

Yes, our dentists and the dental laboratory that we use are very skilled in designing and crafting dentures that match any remaining teeth. Our goal is to produce very natural looking appliances.

My Dentures Feel Loose. What Should I Do About It?

There are a few options. Sometimes, we recommend stabilizing dentures by attaching them to a set of dental implant posts placed in the lower jaw.

How Quickly Does the Denture Fitting Process Take?

In some cases, it is possible to have dentures placed at the same time as tooth removal. We can explain whether this is an option for you during consultation.

We Can Help You Love Your Smile Again!

Would you like to find out more about our denture options at Kois Dentistry? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kois today when you contact our office.