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We appreciate the trust placed in our team when you choose us for your dental care. The relationships we establish with our loyal patients underscore our purpose for serving the greater Seattle area.

Kois Dentistry brings new meaning to comprehensive dentistry. Blending art and science with advanced technology, we help you elevate your mouth to optimum health. We craft an individualized plan that fits your dental vision, founded on a preventative model. Stunning esthetics and solid function evolve from our dedicated teamwork approach.

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We look forward to helping you discover healthcare beyond your expectations at Kois Dentistry.

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Veneers provide masterful art to discolored, stained, and chipped teeth. With a conservative approach using lifelike porcelains, unsightly gaps or misshaped teeth can also be transformed. Kois Dentistry applies advanced training to bring the smile of your dreams to life.


Dental implants provide powerful support for the restoration of missing teeth. Setting a solid foundation for today’s finest esthetic dentistry, they offer unprecedented durability and beauty. Restoring your smile and chewing function with implants showcases Kois Dentistry's expertise.


Sometimes teeth can’t be repaired with fillings or other restorations. But damaged teeth often provide a solid foundation for the full coverage of dental crowns. Custommade to match the color and shape of your teeth, crowns help restore your mouth to full natural function.

1001 Fairview Ave. N. Suite 2000, Seattle, WA 98109 | Call Today: (206) 515-9500 | Review us on:

1001 Fairview Ave. N. Suite 2000, Seattle, WA 98109 | Call Today: (206) 515-9500 | Review us on: