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Headshot of Ed, an elderly male full mouth dental implant patient smiling.
"Dr. Kois Walked Me Through Every Detail of My Implants!"

Hi, my name is Ed and the procedure I had here at Kois Dentistry with upper and lower implants in Seattle, WA. It began when I was very young. My experiences in the dentist were not pleasant. And then, then my 30s, I got my wisdom teeth pulled and that was a painful experience. So after that, I kind of neglected my dental hygiene. And the more I neglected it, the worse it got. Several teeth are falling out and I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. But I mean, I always kept my mouth close.

But then I came here. I don’t even know what my expectations were because I’ve had so many bad experiences. But after the first meeting with Dr. Kois and his assistant Becky, I felt very comfortable, confident that this was the right place.

Without a doubt, absolutely Dr. Dean Kois is the very best.

Male full mouth dental implant patient in blue shirt smiling holding a before picture with many missing teeth.

Dr. Dean Kois:

Ed was a full mouth reconstruction. Ed suffered from multiple missing teeth, multiple broken teeth, significant disease of the remaining teeth. So the restoration that we did with Ed was a full mouth removal of all the remaining teeth and then we placed numerous dental implants in both arches and we restored the teeth on top of those implants with something called all-on-four restorations. So we’re able to restore an entire complement of teeth per arch with only four or five dental implants.


Initially, he offered me and you know, I can do dentures, you can do this. this, this. And I said, I don’t want dentures because I don’t want to have them falling out. So he recommended the implants and I mean, he walked me through the every detail. So that was the choice I made. It’s kind of weird because I still smile that the way I did for a long time. You know, then I remember. Oh, now I got new teeth, you know, I can open my mouth and people have just raved about how good they look.

Dr. Dean Kois:‚Äč

Ed smiles all the time. He wasn’t able to smile when I met him. He had actually very long facial hair and beard. And it was very hard to even make the initial records. But now he wears his facial hair shorter and he’s proud of his smile and we’re really proud that we got to meet him and he’s an incredible patient.


Without a doubt, absolutely Dr. Dean Kois is the very best.

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