Young freckled boy smiling with orthodontic braces.
"I Got In and Out Fast For My Orthodontic Treatment Appointments"

Hi, my name is Brett, and the treatment I’m having here at Kois Dentistry is Ortho. That my teeth were kind of separated instead of it being like this, it was kind of separated with the really large gap in between. Yeah, and I think there were a few not very many issues, but they’re definitely starting to get fixed. It was really strange when I found that out that I had an extra tooth. They pulled it out now, but pretty strange.

Working with Dr. Rudolf for my teeth, it wasn't very bad. It was just getting in, adjust it and then I'm out. It was pretty good.

Young freckled boy in blue shirt smiling showing his orthodontic braces.

Dr. Roloff:

Brett first came to see me because he had a tooth that wasn’t a permanent tooth that wasn’t wanting to come in. And so, his parents brought him to me. His dentist actually was concerned that this tooth had not come in for how old he was. And so, in my assessment, I realized there were some other orthodontic things that were also going on for him. He had a very narrow upper jaw and the lower teeth have had kind of compensated and he actually had a cross-bite on one side. So I recommended that he do an expander and actually, skeletally widen out the upper jaw. And not only is that kind of setting his foundation up for, where his teeth need to come in where his jawline needs to be, but also it kind of enhances a smile. It makes that bigger broader smile that everyone’s typically looking for. And so he’s just about done with his treatment. Now, we’re just in kind of the final… he’s got a few brackets on to kind of close up some spacing. And then, he’s going to be finished up.


Working with Dr. Rudolf for my teeth, it wasn’t very bad. It was just getting in, adjust it and then I’m out. It was pretty good.


I already knew that Kois Dentistry had a great reputation. I knew they were going to do a good job, but I’ve been incredibly impressed even coming in with those expectations that they were going to do a good job. It’s been phenomenal. I’m thoroughly impressed.

Dr. Roloff:

Brett’s case has turned out really well. Everything’s gone very smoothly, and he’s been a great patient. He’s done his part and it’s just been a great process for him and his family, as well as I’ve been very pleased with the outcome, what we’ve achieved.

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