Headshot of an brunette female, smiling showing her new dental crowns.
"My New Crown Looks and Feels Better Than My Old Tooth"

I was out with a girlfriend, and we went to dinner, and I came back to our hotel room that is very dark. I fell forward, and I chipped a tooth. And half of it was chipped-off and it was gone, and I was really concerned about fixing it. And it was devastating, and I was very scared and worried. And I called Dr. Tara Kois and she comforted me and told me that it was going to be okay she was going to fix it as soon as I came in Monday morning.

Dr. Dean Kois and Dr. Tara Kois are an amazing team and I am very, I feel very privileged to be a patient here.

Smiling female brunette dental crown patient holding a before portrait.

Dr. Dean Kois:

Laura is an incredible patient. Beautiful smile, great sense of humor. And she had an accident. She actually tripped and fell, and broke her front tooth. Almost down to the gum line. She required a root canal. And then to restore her smile, we did two ceramic crowns.


Dr. Tara Kois, she took X-rays and she saw the problem, and we came up with a game plan as to what to do from that point forward.

Dr. Dean Kois:

Something that was really important to Laura was to not have the crowns feel synthetic or fake. And so, it was really important that they were done in a level where they were, the way they were, or better. And I think, they’re better.


Dr. Dean Kois asked for his opinion and he said, “It looks much better!” My original teeth were really really small, and these actually are longer and it makes my smile look better. So, I was very impressed by the fact that my new teeth are better than my original teeth.

Dr. Dean Kois:

We got a beautiful result with Laura, and they’re imperceptible just as she asked for. It’s like it never happened.


Dr. Dean Kois and Dr. Tara Kois are an amazing team and I am very, I feel very privileged to be a patient here.

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