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Headshot of ex-UFC fighter, Ivan Salaverry smiling showing his full mouth dental implants.
Restoring Years Worth of Damage With A Smile Rejuvenation

I’ve been a professional fighter for the better part of 20 years. I fought in the UFC and K1. I was just tired of looking at that smile, you know? Years and years of just wear and tear, getting punched in the face, kneed, and kicked. I’ve been part of the martial arts for a long time, and I think it’s taken a toll on my teeth, jaw, and mouth. So, I just got tired of it. I wanted something more aesthetic for my smile.

Now with this beautiful smile, I'm very confident in the sense of dealing with people all day long. It's a nice transition from having what I had before to this beautiful smile.

Ex-UFC fighter, Ivan Salaverry, smiling and holding a portrait of before he had full mouth dental implants.

Dr. Dean E. Kois:

Ivan Salaverry is an incredible guy. Ivan’s actually my friend. He’s also my Jujitsu instructor, and we have a great relationship. Ivan is a great human being, but he had a concern about his smile. You know, he was actually a professional fighter in the UFC in his younger years. Over the years from that sport, he had suffered some damage to the teeth, chipped teeth. The teeth got chipped, worn, and they shifted. They were concerned with his bite, and the position, and the shape. So, for Ivan, we did a smile rejuvenation. We did ten ceramic restorations on the top, restored the tooth structure when he was a young man, and enhance the color. He looks incredible.


Dr. Kois sat me down and came up with a plan to change my smile. He worked on some situations of the crowns and veneers combination. He brought forth a great smile that was even, had a beautiful color, and was very natural. So, it was a great fit.

I own a gym right here in South Lake Union, very close to Dean Kois’ Center. Yes, I have my own gym. Now with this beautiful smile, I’m very confident in the sense of dealing with people all day long. It’s a nice transition from having what I had before to this beautiful smile.

Dr. Dean Kois:

Ivan has always been photogenic, but now it’s even more incredible. He can’t stop smiling. One of the things he kept saying when we were going through the process, from the design process to the final process, was, “Wow. This is what my teeth look like when it’s not shortened nor chipped. I can’t believe this is me.” I don’t know how long it’s been since he’s had that experience. It was emotional for the both of us. He’s an incredible guy and it was just incredible to be able to work with him and give him the smile of his dreams.

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