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Headshot of a smiling african-american woman showing results of her full mouth rehabilitation.
I Had Migraine Headaches from A Misaligned Bite! | Now, I Am Happy and Healthy!

I went to Arizona for 18 months and I saw a dentist there and I was having problems and I wasn’t happy with my smile. So she did a lot of work and it was expensive. And so when I came back to Seattle, I found another doctor and he could not fix what I wanted. And I was having these migraine headaches and so I was referred to Dr. Kois, and he figured out right away when I took the bites, he said, your bite is off. You’re having migraine headaches. Besides your smile emphasize the teeth work that was done, was not that great of a job. And so I said, is it possible for you to help me?

Dr. Kois did that for me. He took that pain away. He gave me the beautiful smile that I wanted and I'm just very happy with him, with his work.

Magnolia, an african-american woman, smiling after full mouth reconstruction holding a before portrait.

Dr. Dean Kois:

Magnolia was a full mouth reconstruction. You know, Magnolia suffered from headaches due to her bite being built in an incorrect position. She had numerous ceramic restorations that were broken or chipped. She had some dental disease and also some malpositioned teeth. And so this was a comprehensive look at her. Number one for Magnolia’s, we needed to find out where her bite needed to be. We went through an extensive process to rebuild her bite and we were able to get rid of her headaches actually, so by knowing where the bite needed to be before we started, we were able to arrest her headaches, and then we went through our design process with the look to correct the shape and the broken restorations and she has an incredible smile.


And that’s what exactly when he touched here it hurts so bad and he said, “Oh my God why is this off really bad?” And so, he fixed that first. He said, “We’re going to do these in stages. I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do.” And when I got these teeth in, I was so happy. I didn’t have the migraine headaches anymore. And I felt so much better and in front of people, I’m smiling, going out to dinner with them, and laughing you know, you can eat and smile with your friends and I just love it. I get a lot of compliments out for the work that he did.

Dr. Kois:

Yeah, you know, now Magnolia’s smile matches her personality. She is so social, so pretty, and loves to smile. And it was amazing when we finished. I just said, “This is you. This is you, Magnolia” and she agreed and we laughed and it was just so wonderful that she chose us here at Kois Dentistry to execute the smile of her dreams and be a part of her journey. I mean, she really suffered from headaches and even the broken teeth. She had invested so much money and actually it really short interval of time to try to get relief, to try to get comfort, and she wasn’t able to get it. So we were really happy to be able to participate and help her.


Dr. Kois did that for me. He took that pain away. He gave me the beautiful smile that I wanted and I’m just very happy with him, with his work.

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