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Wendy, a senior woman with a big smile showing results of her dental implant bridge treatment.
"My Smile Is Very Important To Me and Dr. Kois Gave It Back To Me"

I’ve never had front teeth. I was 3 when my baby teeth were knocked out, in an accident. And by the age of 5, my permanent tooth was knocked out in an accident. So back then, the only option we had was to have what they call a flipper and a flipper is a piece of plastic that just supports one tooth that was missing and that was in the front.

At age 16, I was the recipient of a bridge and that was amazing until about 12 years ago, when that bridge broke and it snapped out of my mouth, while I was eating a sandwich, and it was very traumatizing.

To be able to come here, knowing that the end result was going to be getting that back was tremendously satisfying.

Wendy, a senior dental implant bridge recipient smiling.

Dr. Kois:

Wendy’s an incredible lady, beautiful soul, beautiful smile. I met Wendy when she broke her front tooth bridge and the teeth were broken to the point that we needed to remove them and place dental implants. And this was an incredible journey for Wendy and we also got an incredible result. So we were able to remove the sick teeth, place dental implants, and do ceramic restorations on top of the implants for an incredible result, for an incredible lady.


Bridge, what they do is they, they whittled down the teeth that you do have and then that is the bridge. So they took those out and then they made the implant. So the implant have to use these prongs, where they go up and put screws in there. And then that holds everything in place. My smile is very important. When that was taken away was like, the impact was huge.

So to be able to come here, knowing that the end result was going to be getting that back was tremendously satisfying. A smile needs to be the ability to show love to people, to children, to animals, to anyone that’s in front of me, to strangers. Everyone responds to a nice smile.

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